LIRE... Elias Canetti

Winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize for Literature, Elias Canetti uncovers the secret life hidden beneath Marrakesh’s bewildering array of voices, gestures and faces. 
In a series of sharply etched scenes, he portrays the languages and cultures of the people who fill its bazaars, cafes, and streets. 
The book presents vivid images of daily life: the storytellers in the Djema el Fna, the armies of beggars ready to set upon the unwary, and the rituals of Moroccan family life. 
This is Marrakesh -described by one of Europe’s major literary intellects in an account lauded as "cosmopolitan in the tradition of Goethe" by the New York Times.


ON PARLE DE DAR KAWA... French By Design



Dar Kawa

Well, it's that time of the year... when the excitement of winter with its cosy wool sweaters and nice leather boots is all gone, your skin is dry, your toes are bluish because they haven't seen the sunlight for so long... I long for spring so bad... Don't you? To top it off, I keep coming across pictures of sunny paradisiac spots. Like this one spotted on the latest edition of Cote Sud : Dar Kawa in Marrakech, Morocco. Arhh... take me there... What's not to love about this place. Really.
Redesigned by Valerie Barkowski with the help of architect Quentin Wilbaux, Dar Kawa's style is all about simplicity and authenticity - and extra bonus, it's located in Morocco, a place I call home... Blissful, truly...

All images via Dar Kawa and Cote Sud