ON PARLE DE DAR KAWA... An Indian Summer

It was a fine spring afternoon, when Valérie wrote to me. By the time I was done ooh aahing through her brilliantly creative projects, it was evening. In this post, I can showcase but a glimpse of this talented wearer of many hats - just a couple of the many projects that she has conceptualized and run successfully over the last decade or so.

Valérie, when not living out of her suitcase, is based in Marrakesh. Her work consists of art direction, concepts, consulting, design and sourcing in the fields of home textiles, hotels, retail, interiors and fashion. Besides this, Valérie is an art lover, and has worked as an art dealer in Moscow. She also started a lifestyle brand Mia Zia to fund the foundation she used to run for artists retreat in Marrakesh.

Dar KawaA 17th century ryad Valérie renovated recently

In the ryad, Valérie used furnishing from Bandit Queen, a luxury home linen brand, she conceptualized and developed from scratch, working with Sunita Namjoshi (of Yamini fame) in Mumbai.

Her latest venture - SoKistanthe land of socks!

  Psst: If you ever wanted to see an embroidered ambassador(!), please, click right here. Yes, one more quirky project!

And, here's what Valérie says about her love affair with India:

"I started to work in Jaïpur 9 years ago since I wanted to explore techniques and Indian traditions - work that was not available in Morocco. That is how I started to work on block printing, rugs, hand made paper, recycling. In India there are so many handcraft traditions, that I fear my life will be too short to explore all of them....  
Beside the working aspect, what I really appreciate in India are it's people. I love their spirit, their mind, their lifestyle. I like the feeling of being in this emerging country and even if I know I will not be able to explore all the paths, I want to be there! I love the idea that I still have so much to see and to learn."

 Image credits  
Dara Kawa: Tania Panova 
Bandit Queen: Vincent N'Guyen, Yutaka Yamamoto, Isabelle Dupuy Chavanat, Sameer Tawde. 
soKistan : Tania Panova

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