Rock the Kasbah

With a innovative glance, a vivid spirit 
and a avowed desire to shake up classicisim in the publishing world, 
Marrakech Magazine has the ambition to conquer 
the territory of the national press 
and to become "the" reference magazine of Marrakech, a city open to the world.

What do we like about this magazine ?

The fact that it gives pride to talent, creativity and youth 
through 4 main sections :

Arts and Culture, Architecture & Design, Lifestyle, Fashion & Wellness.

The editorial line is focused on the lifestyle of Marrakech 
but also features international trends
Through portraits and interviews of  Marrakchi artists and designers
features on interior design
culinary escapes and travel diaries,
 fashion series, 
the magazine highlights how the city of Marrakech 
has become part of the international scene.

Issued in french and in english 
you can find Marrakech Magazine in the main moroccan cities 
as well as in some european cities like Paris and London.

 N°3 available soon :

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